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  • SKU: BH20583
  • MANUFACTURER: Fellowes
  • PRICE: 16.4200000
  • RETAILPRICE: 23.530000000
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  • CONDITION: new
  • WARRANTY: 30-Day Warranty

Fellowes 7702701 Mesh Partition Additions File Pocket - Desktop - 7.1"" Height x 13.8"" Width x 2.3"" Depth - 375 x Sheet - Black - Manufacturer: Fellowes - Mfg Part Number: 7702701 - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail...
"Fellowes 7702701,043859555239,Fellowes 7702701 Mesh Partition Additions File Pocket - Desktop - 7.1" Height x 13.8" Width x 2.3" Depth - 375 x Sheet - Black"
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